Where the Magic Happens: A Look into Google’s Data Centres

Oct 22, 2012 by

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Where the Magic Happens: A Look into Google’s Data Centres

Last week Mark Making tweeted about the very first look into Google’s Data Centre, and I wanted to share some of those images with the rest of the OxonDigital community.

It’s the first time Google have shown their data centres to those outside of the company, and shows the huge amount of technology and manpower used to keep their data centres going.

Below I have included a video that will take you on a guided tour of Google’s Data Centre, but if you want to explore it by yourself check out the Data Centre by Google Street View

There are many Google Data Centres across the world from Douglas County Georgia to The Dalles Oregon to St Ghislain Belgium. Google have provided images by location or you can see all the images here.

Below are just some of the images that Google have shared with us.

Satellite arrays like these are the primary signal source for hundreds of Google Fiber’s national TV channels.

A rare look behind the server aisle. Here hundreds of fans funnel hot air from the server racks into a cooling unit to be recirculated. The green lights are the server status LEDs reflecting from the front of our servers.

This catwalk runs between Google’s cooling towers and allows Google employees to inspect and maintain the equipment.

These colorful pipes send and receive water for cooling the facility. Also pictured is a G-Bike, the vehicle of choice for team members to get around outside our data centres.

These colourful pipes are responsible for carrying water in and out of Google’s Oregon data centre. The blue pipes supply cold water and the red pipes return the warm water back to be cooled.

Hovering above the floor in Council Bluffs, Iowa, the scale of Google’s data centre there begins to take shape. Huge steel beams both support the structure and help distribute power.

Google’s Council Bluffs data centre provides over 115,000 square feet of space. They make the best out of every inch, so you can use services like Search and YouTube in the most efficient way possible.

Inside Google’s campus network room, routers and switches allow their data centres to talk to each other. The fiber optic networks connecting Google data centre sites can run at speeds that are more than 200,000 times faster than a typical home Internet connection. The fiber cables run along the yellow cable trays near the ceiling.

Pretty impressive huh? What do you think? Have you seen some impressive server rooms? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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    Google has given a rare glimpse inside the vast data centres around the globe that power its services.

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