Six Reasons Your Blog Isn’t Getting You the Results You Want – And How to Change That

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Six Reasons Your Blog Isn’t Getting You the Results You Want – And How to Change That

Perhaps you had high hopes when you started your blog. You expected a rush of new customers, or speedy name recognition in your field, or at least some interest from your peers.

So what went wrong?

There are several reasons why your blog might not be bringing in the results that you want – and they’re all perfectly possible to overcome. Here are six common issues, and ways to fix them:

#1: Your Content Isn’t Compelling Enough

Content marketing definitely isn’t going away – in fact, with Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, great, unique content is more important than ever.

There aren’t any shortcuts here, though. Dozens of half-hearted, rushed blog posts won’t attract customers (or links, or social media shares).

Change it: Quality is much more important than quantity. If you’ve been struggling to produce daily or near-daily posts, try instead to write one really good blog post every week, or every two weeks.

If you want to hire someone to blog for you, make sure that their work really is top-notch: don’t just look for the cheapest freelancer you can find.

#2: Your Posting Frequency Isn’t Right

Even if you’re posting good content, you might find that readers aren’t responding well. You could be posting too often – and overwhelming your audience, causing them to unsubscribe. Or, you could be posting so rarely that they struggle to engage.

Usually, the more often you post, the shorter your content will be. You may find that you get better results from longer, in-depth posts. (For more on this, read Neil Patel’s post on Quick Sprout: How Content Length Affects Rankings and Conversions.)

Change it: Survey your readers and ask what they want. Some good options are daily posts, twice-weekly posts, weekly posts, and twice-monthly posts.

#3: Your Design Is Off-Putting

However brilliant your content is, or however compelling your offer might be, your design is what gives readers an instant impression of you and your business.

If your blog looks a bit amateur – with a cluttered sidebar, poorly-designed header, and badly-formatted posts – then readers may well think that your business is similarly amateur, even if that’s not the case at all.

Change it: Get a designer to overhaul your site, if possible. If you’re on a tight budget, take a long dispassionate look at your site, and see what you can fix yourself. (A minimalist approach could work well here.)

#4: Your Calls to Action are Missing

A “call to action” is simply a prompt to the reader to do something – like buy your product, hire you, or simply subscribe to your blog. Many people don’t realise how important it is to include a prompt like this at the end of every blog post (and within sales copy) to encourage readers to take action.

Change it: Every time you write a blog post, think “call to action” and decide what you want readers to do once they’ve read the post.

If you’re reluctant to push for a sale straight away, ask them to leave a comment, or give them suggestions for further reading – great ways to encourage them to engage further with your blog.

#5: Your Posts Aren’t Well Targeted

If you’re getting plenty of readers but very few customers, then your posts aren’t reaching your target audience. Perhaps you’re a designer or developer, blogging about the latest tools and techniques – but instead of attracting potential customers, you’re attracting an audience of your peers, who have no interest in hiring you.

Change it: Write a profile of your ideal customer. What do they want to know? What worries or concerns might they have that are preventing them from hiring you or buying from you? Come up with five post ideas that answer these worries – and write them!

#6: Your Blogging is Inconsistent

It’s easy to start a blog with great intentions – but a lot tougher to keep up regular blogging over a period of weeks, months, or even years. If you don’t post on a regular basis, or if you constantly chop and change your topics, you’ll find it very hard to gain momentum with your blog.

Change it: It takes time to build a successful blog, so don’t be put off if results aren’t instant: commit to putting in consistent effort over 6 or 12 months and you will see real progress.


Your turn! If you’re facing a blogging problem (or if you’ve found a great solution to one), tell us about it in the comments.

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