SEOs: It is Time to Start thinking about Thought Leadership

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SEOs: It is Time to Start thinking about Thought Leadership

SEO as we know it today can be roughly split into 5 key areas:

  1. Technical SEO
  2. Outreach / Link Building
  3. Promotion & Social Media
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Analytics

More recently, Content Marketing has come to the fore of SEO due to the Penguin and Panda updates. Content Marketing however, is nothing new! 


Content Marketing has been around for quite a while now – back in 1895: John Deere, manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment launched a magazine titled “The Furrow”, that provided information and answered pressing questions farmers had about (fast moving) technology in agriculture available to farmers at the cusp of the century. John Deere targeted “The Furrow” at farmers in order to market to them and more importantly come across as ‘Thought-Leaders’ in the space of agricultural technology. They went further than just creating content for farmers to influencing their minds with innovative thinking and new ideas. We can certainly draw parallels as digital marketing professionals helping our clients become ‘authorities’ & ‘subject matter experts’ in bid to achieving better rankings on search engines as well as increasing their social media reach.

The Evolution of Thought Leadership - Content Marketing SEO

My talk at the upcoming Oxon Digital event aims to address how SEOs can help their clients go beyond Content Marketing and move into the territory of Thought-leadership. Here is a brief summary of my talk:

  1. Thought-Leadership is NOT Content Marketing…but Content Marketing can be part of Thought-Leadership
  2. Learn how to generate high quality content research that gets the attention of the Press (new & old media), your Peers and prospective Clients
  3. How to use internally generated data as a tool for Thought-Leadership
  4. How to reiterate your strategy – Thought-leadership takes years to perfect rather than months or weeks
  5. Online tools to promote your Thought-leadership content
  6. How Authorship & Author-Rank tie into Thought-leadership
  7. A full execution and approach to Thought-leadership for your SEO efforts

I hope to see you at the talk.


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