Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

“SEO is the practice of building and marketing a website (and other related assets) so that is discoverable and brings in relevant visitors via search engines.”

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Do you have a website that doesn’t appear in Google? Are you getting limited traffic to your website? Need to make more money through your website? These are all questions that people ask everyday but they don’t know how to do it.

31 million are actively shopping online for services and goods, with UK shoppers spending £5.2 billion on the internet in August 2011 alone! – Source: Search Engine Journal

With these sort of statistics and the fact that the dominant search engine in the UK (Google) makes roughly 40 – 50 monthly changes to it’s algorithm, it is essential that you hire an SEO Expert.

There are reportedly over 200 different ranking factors to the Google algorithm, making the profession of SEO extremely difficult.

Key Areas of SEO:

  • Market Research
  • Ensuring that you know your competitive landscape is an essential part of any online marketing campaign. Once you understand the market it is easier to understand the type of keywords that will drive enough traffic to meet your businesses needs.

  • Technical
  • Creating and maintaining a website that is continuously accessible to search engines is crucial. A mistake in the design and development phase can be catastrophic, and needs an experienced SEO to ensure that it is designed in a search engine friendly manner.

  • On-site
  • Having a solid foundation will significantly help your online marketing campaign. Using techniques such as title tag optimisation and ensuring your content is optimised for your target keywords will ensure that you have a great start.

  • Off-site
  • One of the strongest rankings factors is deemed to be the number of quality links pointing to your website. An SEO expert can generate links to your website in a number of ethical ways to help with your campaign.

Does this all sound a bit overwhelming? Don’t worry, we know some people that can help!

OxonDigital have partnered with the very best SEO agencies in Oxford, to help provide you with the services that you need to improve your search engine visibility. Whether you are a small business starting with local SEO or a national company looking to improve your current SEO strategy, we have the SEO company for you.

Our SEO partners have years of experience providing search engine marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes.

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