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OxonDigital – 3/4/2013 @ Wig&Pen – 5:30pm

The next event is going to be around SEO with Kunle Campbell (FuzzOne) and Ned Wells (Ciccada) our speakers.

Kunle Campbell – Beyond Technical SEO, Building Thought Leadership

About Kunle Campbell
Kunle is an award winning digital marketing consultant and Founder of Oxford based boutique digital marketing agency Fuzz One Media.

Although Kunle started off his digital marketing career as an SEO for his dissertation at Warwick University back in 2004, he is also very well rounded in website production, Pay Per Click, Web Analytics, PR and Social Media Marketing.

He has spent the last 4 years at Fuzz One Media consulting for both B2B and B2C eCommerce businesses. He is quite keen on creativity and passionate about entrepreneurship and start-ups.

Beyond Technical SEO, Building Thought Leadership
SEO is an intrinsically technical discipline and prior to Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, SEO campaigns could very easily have been run by technically grounded webmasters.
This is becoming less and less the case as Google continues to adopt artificial intelligence in it’s algorithm.
Google is trying very much to behave human; gaining trust and ‘authority’ on Google has less to do with footer site links on PR6 sites and more to do with audience development, social mentions, site engagement, authorship tags (web identity) and content marketing. A good chunk of SEO is going to back traditional marketing and PR. Kunle’s talk aims to cover how to help brands become influencers both offline and online.

Ned Wells – Building a business case for investment in SEO.

Selling SEO services can be challenging, particularly when buyer and seller have different views of what SEO actually is.

Building a business case for SEO, and building a productive ongoing client-agency relationship, involves figuring out how people view their online environment and what it means for them and their business.

Ned’s talk takes a look at three common areas of confusion and suggests ways to gain a shared understanding between SEO providers and non-technical budget holders.


With SEOptimise sponsoring the room, we are looking for company to sponsor the drinks. If you are interested in sponsoring the drinks for OxonDigital then please let me know.

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