PC to Mac – A proud web developer’s story

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PC to Mac – A proud web developer’s story

I am not ashamed to admit it, I once was a Windows ‘fanboi’.

When I thought of Mac’s and the average user it was not pretty. Images of a human hand, with fused together fingers and one unified fingerprint for use with the single click mouse, and various other misconceptions.

One of the biggest struggles for me was keyboard shortcuts. I now find myself cursing on a Windows machine when I press ‘Alt Gr’ and C to try and copy something. The other was window management.

Writing code.

Web development on a Windows machine in my early days consisted of Dreamweaver’s code view and that was that.

The stigma of using Dreamweaver and its misleading ‘Design’ view made me switch to a text editor only application and testing my code in browsers, this in my opinion makes you a better developer not relying on autocomplete.

Current Code Editors

  • Windows – Notepad++
  • Mac – Sublime Text 2 (This is now available on Windows too)

Local vs. Local-host

Local only works for static HTML pages, and is not that useful for WordPress installations or any other dynamic project that includes PHP and MySQL databases. Moving away from constantly uploading via FTP to a Local-host environment will speed up your development time.

  • For Windows local-host development I use XAMPP.
  • For Mac local-host development i use MAMP.

The “TL;DR” (too long, didn’t read) Conclusion.

  • Do not be afraid of switching to another OS.
  • Lose any views you have on Mac users.
  • It will be tough to start with, hang in there buddy/buddette.
  • My list of apps below will help with the transition.

Apps/Programs I use/used.



How about you?

Have you faced a similar transition in development environment and how did you find the switch? Is there an app or piece of Software that could be added that you find useful ?

I'm Shannon Young, a cool guy who likes to code. I work at mark-making* as a Digital designer/developer and I love it. I play Diablo 3 a lot and don't like outdoors, but I do like Monster Munch.


  1. Thanks Shannon, great tips on the editing packages. As a fairly new developer I started out in Dreamweaver as its what I knew, but quickly switched to a code only editor. I have settled for the moment on Text Wrangler but will explore the others. As a ‘mac head’ I have always been here but need to know the ‘other side’. Great post. Maria

  2. Hi Maria, thanks for your kind words. I look forward to reading your next post.

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