Is Vine a Game Changer?

Jan 29, 2013 by

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Is Vine a Game Changer?

I’ve always felt that Twitter has lived in Facebook’s shadow so I was pleased to hear the launch of Vine, their new acquisition, think Instagram but 6 second videos. I felt pleasantly smug for Twitter, like this might be their moment to ride the wave of popularity for a while, however after spending the afternoon writing this blog post now I’m not so sure.

Upon its launch my twitter feed was full of tweets about it, so I signed up to see what all the fuss was about and after being mildly impressed by a 180 degree press up and what appeared to be an animated Gif of a banana being cut, I closed the app down. I then re-opened it later that day to see the exact same footage. As always with a new social media site everyone is quick to pen it as the next big game changer but I don’t think this is it, it’s a bit of fun in the first instance but then it’s all a bit mundane and at worst headache inducing!

As with anything though, it’s the people that use it that are going to ultimately determine its success. 6 seconds isn’t long but it’s long enough if you’re clever about it, some brands have jumped on the chance to use it as a story telling opportunity of their brand, Gap a fine example, ASOS disappoints with a shot of a pile of magazines while Trident gum uses it as an opportunity to push the product. Where I do think it does get interesting when brands use it as a tool to communicate with their audience, e.g. the potential for user reviews, one of the highlights so far being Guardian’s feature on six second album reviews.

It’s only a matter of time before video contests are added to the every PR companies shopping list for their clients, it’ll be interesting to see how brands respond to it over time and how Twitter will in turn monetise content, will we see “promoted video” content, in the same way as Twitter promotes tweets?

Ironically, I’ve spent more time off the app and on hack site Vine Peek which is showing content uncensored in real time, for the moment more exciting and addictive than the app itself.

  • What are your initial thoughts on Vine?
  • What creative ways have you seen friends / brands respond to it’s launch?


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