Earn your spot in the content marketing battle field

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Earn your spot in the content marketing battle field

Every day, about two and a half quintillion bytes of data is created. It has become next to impossible to offer anything exclusive, anymore. Content marketing on the internet has emerged into a battle field, with everyone, right from the big to the small players dedicating a part of their marketing budget to this activity. Despite knowing your target audience, it is not humanly possible to keep them from approaching other sites with similar content. The only way out of this rat race is by gaining client’s trust. Trust can be gained only if the information you offer is smart and credible. They should trust your source enough to not switch to any other source suggested by the search engine. In this era, wherein information is oozing out of numerous links, it is of utmost importance, that you acquire credibility through hard work and intelligence.

Attracting Viewers Using Influence

Viewers are always looking for credible sources. What makes your source pull viewership is if you have enough influence. Quality content creation is a tool for gaining influence in the content market. Content is the master instrument used to create a following. Content creation is the process of creating network, build relationships, gain credibility, and eventually become influential.

For this purpose, you must have a content marketing strategy. It is wise to invest in content online. You must look for investors or sponsors for helping you to boost viewership. If you have a credible and trusted brand at your side, content marketing becomes easy. You must strategize and offer them deals which are beneficial for their products too. If they are a skin product line, you must create content around dermatology care. This gives you a symbiotic relationship with the sponsors and better business to both of you.

Influencer Driven Marketing

Influencer driven content marketing has made public relations and digital marketing a part of the same system. Big business houses know well by now that their business cannot thrive, if they are not in collaboration with new media or social media. In fact, many new businesses are diversifying their services by extending their services online. They need content written for them. They need mass messaging services, to constantly remind people about their services and products. To carry out this diversion, companies require proficient team of content writer and publicists, who can get them maximum publicity in minimum expense.

Getting Publicity

Some publicists tend to go after influential people who already have a mass following base, to endorse their product. This may work in some cases, but has less chances of success. Most people consider online celebrity profiles as hoax, which means they would not believe even if Lady Gaga endorsed a certain hair color range. They might think it is a cheap publicity tactic. A better idea would make your brand or product influential in itself. You can do that by relating to the target audience in an effective way. You cannot simply boast about your product online, you should focus on interacting with your followers and survey what they really expect out of your product. Whether you hire a celebrity or create quality content, the value of information transaction benefits all parties involved.

So, content marketing isn’t a peaceful activity. You need to earn your spot by providing value to your target audience.

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Grace is a content strategist with Godot Media. She has years of experience in ebook writing and blog writing. She presently helps businesses in their content marketing strategies.

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