Advanced Search Queries for SEO

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Advanced Search Queries for SEO

A few weeks ago I attended BrightonSEO, along with a few other members of the OxonDigital community. It turned out to be another great event hosted by Kelvin Newman, providing lots of great insights for all that attended.

From being at the event and reading all the BrightonSEO round-ups, I found that nobody really picked up on the presentation from Steve Lock (AnalyticsSEO), although for me this was extremely interesting. Although not officially an advertised speaking slot, Steve used his promotional time to provide us with some great advanced search queries for link building, that not many people are using regularly.

Personally I think Steve is one of the most under-rated SEOs in the industry. Every time that I speak to him, I find that I always learn something new whether it is listening to his presentation or talking to him at industry meet-ups. I would seriously recommend that you follow Steve on Twitter (@stevejlock), and try and speak to him if you are ever at an SEO meet-up.

Anyway, enough about how good at SEO I think Steve is, here are some of the takeaways from his BrightonSEO presentation and the slides below:

Negative Keywords:
Using negative words in your search query, allows you to filter out keywords that you have already identified as being irrelevant to your search. If you are looking for blogs that are specific to the sport Golf, then you don’t want to return results that include the type of car made by Volkswagen. This can be done as shown below.

Example: inurl:blog “golf” -vw -volkswagen

Awesome Advanced Operators:
Search engines provide a vast array of different operators that we either don’t know or just don’t use on a daily basis. The following search queries allow you to find guest post opportunities and other sites that are related to Used in the correct way these search queries can be extremely effective in finding those guest blogging opportunities.

Example: inpostauthor:guest “marketing”

Boolean Operators:
To filter even further down into the search results, you can use boolean operators such as the “AND” / “OR” to provide you more refined searches. The example search query below allows the user to target terms that include teapots AND is powered by wordpress AND has comments.

Example: inurl:blog “teapots” AND “powered by wordpress” AND “comments”

Keyword Rich Domains:
Targeting keyword rich domains as potential link targets is a great tactic. Using the search operator below allows you to search for keyword rich domains that has the keyword “marketing” in.

Example: inurl:”http:// *marketing* .com”

Have a play around with the examples above and insert your own keywords. See if you can find new and improved ways of finding potential links. Have you come across these link building techniques before? Do you have any other advanced link building operators that you use? I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments below.

View Steve’s slides below.

View more presentations from Steve Lock
A digital marketer specialising in search marketing. As SEO Manager at SEOptimise, Daniel manages a large client portfolio and talented digital marketing team. As an SEO consultant Daniel has worked on high profile brands including National Express, Mothercare & Trafalgar. Follow Daniel on Twitter and Google Plus.

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