5 Content Marketing Dos and Don’ts

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5 Content Marketing Dos and Don’ts

Content marketing is a fairly new strategy, so it’s natural for businesses to make mistakes along the way. But with over $100 billion expected to be spent on content marketing, it’s important that business learn the right actions to take in order to stand out from their competitors. Here are five content marketing dos and don’ts to help you get your business up to speed.

Content Marketing Dos

1. Study Your Competitors – Spend some time lurking the social media accounts and blogs of your competitors. Find out what kind of content and what topics are really hitting the mark with their audience.

2. Set a Goal for Your Campaign – Is your goal to generate links for your SEO campaign? Are you looking to build readership for your blog? Your campaign needs a goal so that you know what milestones to hit. Set up different metrics depending on your goal to track the effectiveness of your campaign.

3. Stay Organized – Set up a schedule for your team to follow and make sure they are given specific roles for the campaign. Use a publishing calendar to set goals and keep track of the content you are producing.

4. Optimize Your Content – Make sure that your content is given the proper tags for social media, has the keywords you’re targeting in the search engines, and has keywords that your audience will be able to identify with. You may also want to use mobile marketing solutions if a large number of your audience uses mobile devices.

5. Have a Proper Marketing Plan – There’s no point in producing great content if nobody sees it. You need to take this as seriously as any other marketing campaign and have a solid plan for promoting your content.

Content Marketing Don’ts

1. Assume Your Readers Will Love Your Content – Many marketers waste money on creating content that they think or feel readers will love. Don’t make assumptions. Invest some time into research.

2. Cut Corners – Make sure you have all the facts in your content straight. Don’t get lazy and put out a substandard article. Stay away from unoriginal cliche articles. Cutting corners will hurt your credibility if your content manages to get passed around.

3. Underpay for Work – It’s easy to find cheap labor but when it comes to content you often get what you pay for. You don’t have to shell out a smart fortune for your content marketing campaign, but you want to pay well so that your team is inspired to create something truly great.

4. Disguise Your Sales Pitch as Content – Content marketing is about delivering value to your audience. Don’t try to pull a fast one and try to pass off your sales pitch as content. Your readers are not dumb and will probably scrutinize you for it.

5. Lose Track of Your Campaign – Make sure you set proper metrics based on your goals. See how your audience is reacting to your content. Interact with social media followers and influencers that are mentioning your content. Don’t lose track of the things that are happening around your content.

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