25 Awesome Apps That Will Change The Way You Do Things!

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25 Awesome Apps That Will Change The Way You Do Things!

Is it really almost March already?! You’re probably thinking the same as I am – that 2013 is already flying by us. Deadlines, promises, should-do’s, have-to-do’s… These things transcend our traditional ‘working’ hours, and blend our days into one big journey. At Zest, we’re huge fans of being lazy. By lazy, I mean that if we do the exact same thing (task, process, email…) more than two or three times, we’ll find/create a way to automate or streamline it.

So this post is really about some of the tools out there that we’ve found. We use some, have used others, and have decided against a few – one size doesn’t fit all of course. Some are for business, and others are personal. I’ve deliberately left out the big boys such as DropBox, and BaseCamp etc.

I was going to place these tools into categories but many of them fall into more than one, so check them all out or else you might miss one that could change the way you do business 🙂

  1. Evernote – Imagine a filing cabinet with everything you need, any time you need it…
  2. Yast – Simple time tracking
  3. Trello – Visual project management and oh so simple!
  4. Notification Control – Awesome tool to stop the social media assault on your inbox
  5. Self Control for Mac – Use this for 2-3 hours a day and your productivity will sky rocket!
  6. WeTransfer – For sending big files with minimal fuss
  7. iDoneThis – What did your team get done today?
  8. Memory Clean for Mac – When you’re blazing through your day, you’ll appreciate this one..
  9. GetPocket – Articles, bookmarks, etc… in your pocket!
  10. Mailbox – An office favourite at the moment, and for good reason!
  11. Vine – Twitter + Video
  12. Pulse – Blogs and stuff organised
  13. SleepCycle – I average 7hrs 51mins of sleep, and I wake up at the optimum time each day!
  14. Trakr – Simple tracking for everyday use. A minimal fuss way of achieving goals
  15. 43Things – Collaborative goal achievement.. awesome!
  16. Drinks Dash – Caffeine duty, the fair way. Note that we don’t use this often as we tend to decide things the real way!
  17. IFTTT – If this, then that. Truly awesome.
  18. Zapier – As above but for businesses. Awesome!
  19. Buffer – Scheduling social media posts made better, and less clunky than other options.
  20. Prezi – Couldn’t leave this one out.. Does anybody else fall asleep to PowerPoint these days? Zzz..
  21. QuoteRoller – Proposals made a tiny bit more enjoyable.
  22. Remember the Milk – Gets lots of love, and for good reason!
  23. BrowserStack – The bit we all hate, made easier
  24. Jing – A game changer if you’ve ever had to rely on screenshots
  25. Timbre – Nick loves this one! New music, all the time. Say no to repeat shuffle!

Hopefully you’ve found a few gems in there that will optimise your business or life. And please share any others that you may have, I’d love to check them out 🙂

Alex founded Zest Digital in summer 2010 and has grown it almost month-on-month. The Zest team can now proudly name some of Oxfordshire's most recognisable businesses amongst their clients.

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